Friday, October 29, 2010


Last week, I had a revelation. The first sign that I was really adjusting to Texas culture. I decided that I wanted to eat... (wait for it)... a breakfast burrito. My normal thoughts on breakfast burritos go something like this, "That's weird. I'll take my eggs and breakfast sausage on a biscuit, please." But this time, I almost craved it (odd, since I have never eaten a breakfast burrito before).

It's confusing to come to a place with new food that you know nothing about. For instance, what will I eat on my breakfast burrito? I don't know what's good on a breakfast burrito. And what's the difference between a breakfast burrito and a breakfast taco? I've always been a little fuzzy on their distinguishing characteristics.

So I had this revelation while driving home from work. When I got home, I shared it with Lan, who was initially hesitant (thinking I was suggesting trying one from McDonald's-- nope, not what I had in mind), but happily agreed when I told him I wanted to go somewhere local.

Though a shroud of mystery surrounds the breakfast burrito, I look forward to trying it. If it's just egg, meat, cheese, and tortilla, I think I can handle it. Do I think this is a sign that I'm "becoming a Texan?" Not quite, but I am happy to be here. :)


  1. Breakfast burritos and breakfast tacos are pretty much the same thing. However, if you are truly a Texan, you call them breakfast tacos! I happen to like ones with potatoes in them -- yummy!!

    And you must get them from local places! Usually BBQ places or really hole in the wall mexican places have really good ones.

  2. Kelsey- thanks for the Texan advice!!! I will never call them a breakfast burrito again :)

    I hope you are doing well! Call us if you are ever in Houston!