Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Been a While

Boy oh boy, I have been a slacker. I guess we've been pretty busy and I've let blogging fall by the wayside. But, here's an update on our life.

We've fallen into a pretty steady routine. Sundays, we go to Newlywed Sunday School class and church at First Baptist. Mondays and Tuesdays we either enjoy a night at home or visit with friends (sometimes going places to meet them, sometimes inviting friends over for dinner). Wednesdays, we go to bible study in Katy -- Wednesday is one of our favorite nights a week, because we love spending time with our bible study friends! Thursdays are TV night (Greys, The Office, Outsourced, It's Always Sunny, Big Bang Theory, Community-- we watch lots of TV). And we usually fill our weekends with spending time with friends and running errands.

It's sad, but I can't really tell you specifically what we've been doing the past couple weeks, but I can tell you that we haven't had a lot of free nights at home! We stay busy.

I guess the biggest news in our life this week has been our decision to go to Colorado with some of our friends from bible study!! We are so excited. Neither of us have ever been to Colorado or been snow skiing, so this is a really exciting trip for us! We are going MLK Day weekend (though neither Lan nor I get MLK Day off). We are staying in a really nice looking condo and can't wait to try our hand at skiing (and tubing!) and play in the snow.

I would post a google picture of the place we're going, but I'm afraid of copyright laws. Just search Keystone, Colorado River Run. That's where we're going!

Up for us this week -- back to Mississippi for Thanksgiving (can you believe it's here already??) and shortly after, Harry Potter (wish you were here, Lindsay).

Happy Thanksgiving all!!!


  1. Find a picture you like on our site, and post it on this blog!

    If your trip is a special occasion, make plans at the Alpenglow Stube, which is a ride on 2 different Gondolas to a remote area of Keystone. Extremely great food and a once-in-a-lifetime experience both culinary and fun!

  2. You are going to love Colorado! Have fun!