Tuesday, October 18, 2011

House Tour Continues - Kitchen and Breakfast Area

You've been asking for them, and here they are! More house pics for your enjoyment :)

The kitchen is basically my favorite room in the house. I LOVE everything in it, especially our granite. It's so pretty :) I may have said this in previous posts, but I was nervous when we made our selections (chose colors, finishes, flooring, etc.) that something would look off in the house or not match exactly, but we were very happy with the way everything turned out, especially in the kitchen!

General shot of the kitchen - as you can see, it's a very open area.

It looks out into the breakfast room, with the living room after that.

Our pantry - the door to the right goes into the formal living room. To the left is the entryway to the front door. On the wall to the left of the pantry is the sampler Erica Cain made us as a wedding gift - and the clock on top was from Laura Ficken (we get lots of compliments on these :) ).

Fridge and canisters. We have really enjoyed having the ice/water in the door!

Range/stove and microwave. I'm really glad that my stand mixer fits on the counter - it's easier to get to when I need it!


Close up of our sinks.

Our island - I love it!

Our drawers go out really far! I think this is cool, but it is probably standard in every house build nowadays, haha...

On to the Breakfast Room... We have a little bar in between, complete with comfy stools!

Breakfast table (if you ever came to Stonhenge to visit me and Sarah, you might remember this!)

Our buffet, where we showcase our MSU pottery. Fun fact - my square bowl has a typo on it ("Bawgs" instead of "Dawgs"). I have had it for a couple of years, and never noticed until one of my friends here pointed it out! Oh well.

The Breakfast Room looks into the Living Room.

That's all for now!

Up next for us... anniversary weekend trip (yes, our anniversary was in July, but we were about to buy the house then, so we decided to postpone the trip until October!) - we are staying downtown, going to a Brazilian Steakhouse, and going to see the King Tut exhibit (nerdy fun)!

Love from Houston!

L and J

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