Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mallory Gets Hitched

I hereby dedicate this post to my beautiful friend Mallory. Mallory and I go wayyyyy back. We went through youth group at Starkville First Methodist together and had lots of fun times. I have always kind of thought of Mallory as a tension releaser. She always makes you laugh and is one of the most practical, honest, and open people I know. She got married last Saturday in Starkville. She has had her heart set on getting married at the Rose Garden for some time now, and though many were skeptical about her choice (outdoors in August?), the weather was nice and everything was so beautiful! So, Mallory, thanks for being my friend and I wish you many, many years of happiness with Daniel!

Walking down the aisle. She walked a really long way, I was impressed because her heels were high!

Look how happy she is!!

This part was sweet :)

I really like this picture because they both look really happy.

Katye looks unsure but I'm not really sure why.. She's being escorted by our really good high school friend and engineer extraordinaire, Ian.

Raysha was also making a funny face. Her fiance was sitting right behind us so that may have had something to do with it. I'm thinking she wasn't happy to be slightly taller than Jacob :) but that's okay because she looked like a Barbie.

This is us at the reception. It was at her parents' house and it was really fun!

Me and my former roomie, Sarah, who I love and miss very much! She has plans to come visit for the MSU v. Houston game (yay!).

I couldn't leave out the picture we took :)

I'm trying to make posts at least once a week, so be looking for one next week! On the agenda for this weekend- I'm finally getting a new phone (which is lucky because my current phone only holds charge for about 10 minutes of phone calls) and we are having a lazy weekend at home (which we are excited about after 2 weekends of traveling!).

Love from Houston!

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  1. I Just love you Jenny!!! I think you are pretty amazing too!! Thanks for everything!! Can't wait to visit you in houston!!
    Love you
    Mallory Bricka Brown