Sunday, September 11, 2011

HOUSE PICS - living room tour

I'm starting the house tour in the living room - fitting, because it was the first room to get set up in the house (we had the cable installed the same day as the refrigerator and washer/dryer... priorities...).

Okay, this is an overview of the room.

This is another overview... I wanted you to get a feel for the layout, so this was taken from the breakfast area, looking through the archway.

You can kind of see a little of this area from the previous pic (look on the left).

This is "my chair." The picture doesn't do it justice (this isn't just any chair, people!). We've got our blanket basket (Lan likes to keep it cold in here!) to the right, and the infamous lamp table ("Too practical to throw away" -Lan) to the right.

The couch...

Lan's recliner...

The coffee table - the wooden tray was a gift from Lan's brother, Brandon. Thanks, Brandon!!

The TV with all of our movies (alphabetized...)

Our new bookcase, a hand me down from Jonah and Anne Marie (we love it! Thanks, guys!)

Coming up next, the guest bedroom! Get excited :)

Have a great week, everyone.

Love from Houston,
L and J


  1. So Cool! Glad to see things are going well.

  2. I love seeing pictures of your new house! Looking forward to the guest bedroom next!