Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Greg and Lori get hitched

Meet Greg and Lori.

(Oh hey, Lan)

We consider Lori and Greg to be some of our closest friends.

I met Lori in late high school and knew immediately that I wanted to be her friend (I seriously remember thinking she was soooo cool - and I still feel that way!). She's one of the main reasons I wanted to be a Chi O (and I credit her for getting me to the Chi O house on bid day). A little while later, Lori became my big sis (best big sis EVER), solidifying our life long friendship :) Lan met Lori through mutual friends in college - they had lots of mutual friends!

I met Greg at the Chi O house - he was a house boy and I always enjoyed eating lunch and hanging out with him (especially when he played the piano!). I have very fond memories of Mama Jones impressions and funny moments at the house (most involve Lori too). (Lan met Greg through Lori)

Another fun fact - Lori set us up (thanks for that)! I'll never forget that morning - I had several missed calls and texts (that rolled in around 3 AM or so - I was already asleep) from Lori saying she had the PERFECT guy for me. Well, she was right :) There's more to that story, but that's for another day.

Anyway, Greg and Lori tied the knot a couple of weekends ago. They are two of the most wonderful people we know (really genuine and always there for you!). We are so happy for them and we hope they visit us soon! We love ya'll! Here are some pics from wedding weekend...

Me with Lan at the rehearsal dinner.

Me with the bride - isn't she stunning?!

Me with the other program attendants - Mary and Jane Gray.

Me with my little sis - Erin May (Greg's little sister, Lori's Chi O grand little sis and now her REAL SISTER - yay!). I love her! Please come visit soon.

Me with Lan after the wedding.

Our Chi O family (greatest family that ever) - Courtney, Rachel, Lori, me, Erin

Silly family pic (not really sure what Rachel was going for here, haha)

Lori and Greg - we wish you many, many years of happy married life!

Coming up next - HOUSE PICS! I wanted to wait for everything to get settled before posting them, but they are coming up soon (one room at a time).

Happy Labor Day friends!

Love from Houston,
L and J

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  1. Your post was great; Lori is a wonderful matchmaker...but I am truly excited about these house photos! I have been waiting with much anticipation friend :)