Monday, December 5, 2011

House Tour Continues - Dining Room + New Furniture!

For a long time, our dining room sat empty while we saved up for dining room furniture. We got it right before Thanksgiving (yay!) and can now feed more than 4 people at once comfortably! We love to entertain so it's great to have a dining room table and chairs.

You can't really tell it from the pictures, but our dining room is at the front of the house (to your left when you come in our front door). There's a big archway separating the entryway from the room, and there's a doorway between it and the kitchen. Remember that pretty window I always posted pictures of when we were building? It's in this room! Love it.

Our table. I love it so much! (The light fixture looks gold from the flash/light, but it's really silver!)

Another shot of the table. The table is from Gallery Furniture, and the chairs are from Pottery Barn.

This is what the room looks like from the kitchen.

Dining room chair.

Closeup of the back of the chair. I love the criss-cross!

Closeup of the grain on the table.

Well, that's all for now! I'll post Christmas pictures and some more recipes soon :)

Love from Houston,
L & J


  1. that table is so beautiful, your blog is so cute! I am your newest follower,I would love a follow back!

  2. Nice one! Those new dining room items are good pieces that can help make things more welcoming and comfortable. That's definitely a boon during a good meal with family and friends, no?

    -Grover Gatchel