Monday, March 12, 2012

BFF Reunion 2011

I have really awesome college friends. I was blessed with lots of them and I love them all! It's hard being so far away from them (please move to Texas!!), so a few of us decided to get together in NOLA this January.

I consider these friends to be my "core friends" from college - I lived with Sarah, and saw the others almost weekly. We loved game nights, MMSC & Shawarma Wednesdays and made lots of fun memories together in Starkville. I was so excited to continue the fun by visiting Patrick & Angela in NOLA!

Some pictures from our adventures...

Walking Tour of the Garden District
(some of these places are significant but I can't remember why because I waited almost 2 months to blog about this trip - oops)

I think this sign was on a private school's fence, haha

Beads are always in the trees - it's bad luck to take them down!

Nicholas Cage's house! There were some people walking in through the fence as we walked by, but Nick wasn't one of them. I tried to take this picture covertly so I didn't look like such a stalker.

This is inside Nick's fence, too. Patrick said this is how you can tell it's Nick's house.

French embassy in New Orleans, I think...

The corn fence - it was really cool!! I can't remember the story exactly (maybe Angela will grace us with an insightful comment), but the sign says (of the corn fence):

Colonel Short's Villa

The unusual cast iron morning-glory and cornstalk fence was furnished by the Philadelphia Foundry of Wood and Miltenberger.

Corner of the corn fence

Picture of a well-loved local restaurant near the cemetery we walked through

This cemetery was part of our walking tour, too. NOLA has lots of cemeteries, but I don't remember what this one was called - it was one of the oldest, though! It was really interesting to look at all of the old, above-ground tombs.

I think I took a picture of this house because it was so beautiful. We saw lots of pretty houses!

Angela's dream house :) It's currently being renovated

This house is featured in a lot of movies, apparently. NOLA is a hot spot for filming movies!

We had king cake we had for breakfast (breakfast of champions - really yummy!!) Saturday morning. It was delish, but we had all worked it off from walking around all morning, so we headed to Parasol's for a yummy lunch. It was a real hole-in-the-wall type place, with really delicious food. I had a roast beef po-boy & fries. It was really messy, but really yummy! Bread is one of the most important po-boy factors for me, and they had really great bread! I'd recommend it, for sure.

The French Quarter

These pictures were taken in St. Louis' Cathedral - the iconic one in The French Quarter. It was so beautiful on the inside.

This brought us back to our Little Mermaid days, but we decided it was probably installed for acoustic purposes before the microphone/speaker days.

The ladies! Sarah, Erin, Angela & Me

Girls pic - take 2!

The whole crew! Sarah, Erin, Patrick, Angela & Me. A really nice fellow tourist took this picture for us.

Erin, Sarah & Patrick at Cafe Du Monde. It was my first time here and it was a really interesting experience! I'm glad I came with NOLA insiders/residents, because they knew how to get seated quickly. Everyone instinctively forms a line out front to wait to be seated, but you're really supposed to go find any vacant table you can (cleared or not) and sit and wait for someone to come serve you. So that's what we did!

Highlights of our Cafe Du Monde experience include really yummy beignets and Patrick & Sarah's powdered sugar battle.

Me, Angela, & Erin at Cafe Du Monde - Erin got pictured twice!

Saturday Evening
Angela works for the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, so she got us some sweet tickets to see the performance the night we were in town. We went out for a nice dinner before hand - it was a really fun night!

Me with Sarah at dinner

Angela & Patrick at dinner

My dinner - OMG it was good. Blackened redfish with crawfish remoulade, roasted asparagus, served over dirty rice. Angela ordered a butternut squash ravioli that was also REALLY good. And we had yummy fried green tomatoes.

Me with Sarah after the orchestra

All Good Things Must Come to an End
Our last day in NOLA

Patrick & Angela at breakfast - Slim Goodies!

Me with Sarah at breakfast. This place was a really cool diner, known for their hash browns with crazy toppings.

My breakfast/brunch - chocolate chip pancakes, eggs and bacon. It was YUMMY.

Sarah was driving home, so she left after lunch and I got to spend most of the day relaxing with Patrick, Angela and Cromwell. Cromwell loves sitting by the window, even if it means sitting on your head sometimes (he's more on the pillow in this pic, but he was on my head at one point!).

NOLA was great fun, and I can't wait to see these friends again soon (next reunion - ERIN'S WEDDING! Woo hoo!).

Okay. It took me a long time to write this post. Oops. Hopefully it won't be that long again!

Up next for us - Houston rodeo recap, family visits

Have a GREAT day.

Love from Houston,
L & J

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