Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Newlywed Retreat

First, I need to give some background. We go to a newlywed Sunday School class at church. We love it! We've met a lot of really great friends through the class, and we think it's been a great blessing for our marriage. The class covers typical newlywed topics - finances, conflict resolution, needs, etc.

The class hosts an annual retreat in Red Top, TX, and we have been hearing about the retreat for a while now - everyone said it was a highlight of the class, and we shouldn't miss it, so we didn't!

The retreat was awesome. It was held at a really nice retreat center in the country. It was beautiful and so relaxing. We learned a lot, grew our marriage, and got to spend a lot of one on one time with our Bible Study friends and new friends!

It was great fun!

Our room! We were the second couple to sign up, so we got the second best room at the retreat center. It was huge! And could have slept a ton of people (with one regular bed and 2 day beds). Highlights of the room- king size bed and our own bathroom! Our house was the only one that had rooms with their own bathrooms.

Our house, the garden house!

The garden. So peaceful!

The main house, where we had all our sessions.

Lan and I on the last day. This was a really cool vine tunnel. Very romantic!

Me with our friend Christine. She and her husband, Kirby, rode with us to the retreat. They live close to us, and are so fun to be around!

There are lots of exciting posts to come! Stay tuned :)

Love from Houston,
L and J

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