Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

So, my best friend, Sarah, got married a few weeks ago (yay!) to her soulmate, Tray. Out of all the couples I know, these two are perhaps the best suited for each other - they are so alike! Sarah and I graduated together, and became even closer friends in our early college days. We lived together our Junior and Senior years and grew even closer :) I have so many fun memories of my college years that involve Sarah!

She is such a blessing in my life! She's one of those friends who always has the right thing to say, and can always, always cheer you up when you're down. I love her and I'm so happy she's my friend! May you live many happy married years together.

Disclaimer - All of these pictures were generously provided by my good friend Angela (aka - my wedding weekend photographer). Thanks Angela!

Me with Sarah at her bridesmaids event at Tokros! We got manicures!

Me and Sarah at the Rehearsal Dinner

Getting ready the morning of the wedding

Me and Katye taking a little break after pictures

Me with the bride - isn't she stunning??

There's a backstory on this one... Several years ago, at our annual Tacky Christmas party, we took the most amazing candid picture ever (it seems that I don't have a copy, or I'd post it here). This is an attempted recreation of that photo - wedding style :)

I love ya'll!

These girls are part of our small group in high school. I loved having these girls to go through junior high and high school with - I'm glad we are still friends today!

Me and Lan at the reception!

Me and Raysha at the reception (photo courtesy of Raysha's cell phone!)

The happy couple leaving :)

Coming up for us - Lan's parents are visiting, my meet and greet with Pioneer Woman(!), my $5 dinner challenge, and future Holloway plans. Get excited.

Love from Houston,
L and J

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