Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Home Stretch!

Okay.. we have quite a lot of ground to cover here! Some of these pictures are a few weeks old, but haven't been posted yet (oops).

Here's where we stand now... they finish the house Wednesday (!!!!!!!), it's being inspected Thursday, we do our new home demo next Monday, and, if all goes as planned, close a week from Wednesday. That means we move in August 13. That's TWO WEEKS, people. OMG. I'm freaking out (in a good way).

Okay, these first pics are the oldest. The tile had just gone in. This is pre-light fixtures.

A pic of the tile in the common area (you're looking at the breakfast area).

Master bath

These pics were taken after the fixtures had gone in. Still pre-carpet.

Taken from the kitchen looking into the breakfast area and living room (they covered the tile up so the workers wouldn't rough it up).

Guest bath shower - no faucets yet.

Guest bath sink - no faucets yet.

Master bedroom

Master bath - our shower without the glass.

Our coach light :)

Front of the house - pre-front door and landscaping.

Okay... the last set of pictures were from a Tuesday, I think. These are from the following Friday, July 22.


Guest bath.

My window with our pretty chandelier

Front of the house.

Okay - last set! These are from last Thursday. The first time I'd been to the house since the last house blog post.

Our kitchen sink, overlooking breakfast area and living room.

Our kitchen (that's me with our friend Christine in the background). I LOVE our kitchen. It's so pretty!!

Our front door.

My window! Dining room with carpet.

Guest shower.

Guest bath

View of kitchen from the breakfast room

Master bath (and Lan, master photographer)

Our little gem Magnolia - it already has a bloom!

Front of the house with landscaping!!

Okay.. these are all the pictures until after we move in and get settled. I hope they made you want to come visit us :)

Love from Houston,

L and J


  1. jen! i love it and it looks absolutely amazing :) now is there a reason you keep calling it "my window?" btw i think the window is amazing! also thanks for getting me my own guest bathroom when i come to visit!

  2. Erica - yes, because I love it :) And I always get Lan to take a picture of it, even when not much has changed.

    And yes, you have your own room, closet, AND bathroom! I expect a visit this fall.....

  3. I love your front door! Well I love all the house ! It looks fantastic!! Have fun moving in and settling in!!

  4. Thanks Melissa! We are so excited. I hope ya'll are doing well :)

  5. Love your kitchen Jen! And the rest of the house is fabulous to!