Sunday, July 10, 2011

House Update - Brick and Cabinets!

So, we've visited the lot twice since my last update. Lan went alone last Wednesday, and we both went with some friends on Saturday. When Lan went on Wednesday, it had been a week and a half since we were there last - and lots changed!

New things Wednesday- mainly sheetrock, brick

New things Saturday - cabinets, doors (except our front door, which goes in a lot later), moulding/baseboards

What they're doing this week - pouring the driveway, measuring for granite, putting in tile (we're getting down to the little stuff!)

We're projected to close on the house sometime between August 8 and the 15th. We're hoping for the week of the 8th because we are going to a wedding the weekend after the 15th and wouldn't be able to move until later.

These were taken Wednesday - the first time Lan had seen the brick. It's starting to look like an actual house!

The brick goes down about 3/4 the way - the rest is hardy siding. I think our fence will begin about where the brick ends.

I love this window. You've seen it in lots of pictures! This is in the dining room.

This is a view from the kitchen looking into the breakfast area (before the arch) and living room (after the arch).

In the kitchen, looking at the pantry and into the dining room.

This is in our guest bedroom, looking into our guest bathroom. The closet is on the left.

In the master, looking into the master bath.

Standing in the living room, looking into the breakfast area and kitchen.

Okay, from this point forward, we're looking at Saturday pictures. Do you notice how the brick looks different from Wednesday? They washed it this day (see the guy on the left). Basically, the mortar gets messy, so you wash it with acid to clean it up!

Cabinets!! The fridge will go on the far left. The microwave will go in the space you see on the right, and the range will be underneath.

A bigger view of the kitchen. See our island!

I wanted to get a shot of the window above the door. Our actual front door will be put in later.

Standing in the entryway, looking into the dining room at my favorite window!

Back porch - still needs paint.

Master bedroom - notice that they've primed the walls, and the baseboards are in (still need to be painted).

The windows in our master bedroom, looking out onto the porch.

Cabinets in the master bathroom.

Looking from the living room into the kitchen and breakfast area. We brought lots of friends on Saturday - Jonah and Anne Marie, Dallas and Ashlee, and Chris.

One last pic! Only one more month!

Upcoming posts... anniversary recap, more house updates, recipes, flea market finds.

Love from Houston!

-L and J


  1. The house looks amazing!!! Can't wait to see it when it's all finished, and Jennifer has added her homey touches.

  2. Aww, you're sweet. I can't wait for you to see it when ya'll come VISIT! Yay :)

  3. Yes, your house looks great! Must be so exciting building your own house from scratch. Hope that Signe and I will someday be able to afford building our own as well :) I love when people are moving. It's a world of new possibilities and a new beginning in a sense.

  4. Rune and Signe - thank you! Please come back to visit!