Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Cup Overflows

We have big news... We are building a house!

Now, some fun facts about where we are moving! We're moving to Spring, Texas, to a master planned community called Spring Trails (http://www.springtrails.com/ - yes, the website could use an update!). I like Spring because it feels like Mississippi. There are a lot of trees (not true of some areas of Houston!). My parents were visiting last weekend (more on that later) and mom kept saying that it felt like you were in a small town - which I like!

Our neighborhood also has lots of cool walking trails! It's built on a nature preserve (400 acres of forest), and there are 10 miles of nature trails in the woods. AND a pond! There's also a pool, tennis courts, and basketball courts.

Another benefit of Spring is that it's close to The Woodlands, a really nice area with lots of shopping, restaurants and stuff to do.

We also love our builder, Perry Homes. When we were shopping around, they were by far the most knowledgeable and helpful - and we looked at a lot of builders! They've been great since we purchased, too. We are very happy!

We are so thankful that God has enabled us to do this (we are so blessed!), and we are so excited to move!

I'm behind on my house pictures, so from the beginning...

We are going to be homeowners!

This was the Friday after they cleared the lot (they cleared the lot on Wednesday). The very beginning!

This picture was taken right after the house was framed - a couple weeks ago when Lan's parents came to visit us.

This will be our back door :)

The front of the house (same visit as the 2 pictures above). That "Texas Outhouse" is very inconveniently placed...

Lan took these on one of his visits. He goes up a couple times a week to supervise the process. I'm glad he's making sure they are doing everything right!

I think this is kind of a cool picture. This is in the front of the house. The room this shot looks into is our dining room. I have another picture of this room later...

Looking through our house - Standing in the kitchen, looking into the breakfast room and dining room.

This was taken last week. Notice, there's no shingles on the roof yet.

Back porch! Our living room and bedroom look out onto the back porch. The siding you see here will be painted when they are finished.

This was taken last weekend while my family was here. See the shingles! They did that last week.

The window I mentioned earlier. It's in now! Notice our bricks through the window.

This will be our bar in the kitchen! Our sink and dish washer will be here.

This is the back wall of our living room, overlooking the back porch. These windows are a signature feature of our builder.

Front right side of the house. Looking into our garage.

Lan says that they will do the sheetrock this week, and the builder thinks we'll close in early August! I'll keep you posted with updates and pictures.

Friends and family, please come visit us! We will actually have a guest room and bathroom for you now (a far cry from our 1 bedroom apartment, haha)!

Coming up - a post about my family reunion, more recipes, and house updates!

Love from Houston,
L and J


  1. Jennifer,

    Love that y'all are so happy! Thanks for keeping us updated! I miss you JPH!


  2. Nations!

    How did you find this so fast? It's not even on FB yet :) Miss you too! Hope you are well, keep me posted on your wedding, friend!

  3. Jennifer! I love the house! God is good and He provides.

  4. It's coming along so fast! I am so excited for the two of you!