Monday, June 13, 2011

Pioneer Woman Comes to Houston

I have been promising this post for a number of weeks to a number of you (watch for it tomorrow, next week, when I get home..). Oops. Here it is, finally!

Those of you who know me well know that I LOVE the Pioneer Woman. Her cookbook changed my life. That may be a little dramatic, but I love it! And even though Lan won't admit it, he does too, because he benefits from her tasty recipes.

Out of all the cookbooks I own, this is the one that I cook from most often, and have tried the most recipes from. I think it's because she includes so many pictures. I like that. You should buy one! You will love it.

Anyway, she just wrote a really cute children's book, and was coming to Houston for a book signing. SO, I knew I couldn't miss it. Unfortunately, it was Mother's Day weekend, so all of my friends here had plans. But Lan, being a dutiful husband, came with me.

We were able to get a line ticket and leave and come back, which was handy. All in all, we waited about an hour. Not too bad!

The line was long!

The Pioneer Woman signing my cookbook! We also got one for Lan's mom. The whole time in line, I was trying to decide what I wanted to say to her, but I froze when I got up there! I was starstruck :)

Me with the Pioneer Woman! We're practically best friends now.

After we took our picture, she asked me if I came alone, so I said, no, my husband is here with me. I pointed Lan out, and Lan said, "I just came to hold the purse" (which he was doing at the moment). She said, "Aww, what a good husband he is! You should take a picture of that!" So there you go. Lan is a good husband, says Pioneer Woman :)

Upcoming blog posts include lots and lots of recipes and big news! Get excited!

Love from Houston,

L and J


  1. Hey Jennifer! I must purchase this cookbook! I hope you are well and enjoying Texas!

  2. You must!! It's great! We are, I hope you're doing well, too. We need to catch up some time! Email me (I'm bad at phone calls)!