Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birthday week commences...

So, this weekend, Lan and I went furniture shopping. First, let me say that I never realized how expensive furniture, especially good quality solid wood furniture, can be. Growing up, we didn't really buy much furniture because everything was provided for us (preacher's family and all). We have pretty ambitious furniture goals... new bedside tables before the end of the summer, new chair (to replace the infamous purple couch) this fall, and a new recliner for Lan next spring when Lan gets his bonus.

The first store we went to was Gallery Furniture, by far the biggest furniture store I've ever been in. Lan said it was comparable to Miskelly's in Jackson. My favorite feature at Gallery was their live animals... They had MONKEYS! And exotic birds, but mostly MONKEYS! For your viewing pleasure, I took the following picture...

Sorry it's sideways... I don't know how to rotate it.

If you buy furniture at Gallery you get to hold one and take a picture :) My new goal in life.

In other news, Lan left yesterday for a last minute work trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma. While in Oklahoma, he'll be helping out with some tool testing. This is a pretty cool opportunity for him professionally, it's just a little untimely this week (my birthday is tomorrow). Lan, being the wonderful husband that he is, gave me my birthday present early, though we can't actually use it until he gets back so he can hook it up. See picture below...

Anyway, I'm anxiously awaiting Lan's return. We have a lot of Wii to play :)

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