Friday, July 16, 2010

Life in Houston (so far)

Our honeymoon post is on hold until I can get Lan to help show me how to find pictures on the iMac (yes, it's really confusing!), so I figured I'd post about our life so far. I have officially been a permanent Houston resident one week and one day! So far, I have...

1. Hosted a dinner party

We both love entertaining anyway, and when you get SO MANY serving pieces as wedding gifts, you find that you can't wait to have someone over so you can put it to good use. I made Baked Ziti (, which is super budget friendly. We made a couple changes to the sauce recipe-- we cooked it down longer, used ground sausage, and added a can of tomato sauce. We will definitely be making this recipe again. Everyone loved it!

2. Nearly got lost (far away from home)

So Tuesday, I met Lan and some of his work friends for lunch at Chuy's (his favorite restaurant of all time- he seriously eats there once a week). After, I needed to go to the post office to pick up some postcard stamps. Lan directed me to the nearest post office, which I found easily. After standing in line, I was told that they didn't have postcard stamps, so they sent me to the next nearest post office. I immediately got turned around so decided to use Garmin to find it. I kept missing turns and getting confused, but I eventually found it. I was proud, and I learned a very valuable lesson. Always drive in the middle lane.

3. Interviewed for a job

The interview story (in case you haven't heard): When I got the first callback, in March, they told me they were sending me a personality test. Well, I did the personality test (with interesting questions...) and they also sent, basically, an aptitude test. I went in for the interview and had to take another aptitude test (where I almost had a meltdown because I'm not that great at math- the test lasted an hour and a half) before the interview. I get through the interview and am told they are hiring for May, but there's no way I could've been in Houston at that time. They called me back right before the wedding and wanted to continue the process. I had to fill out another application (with great questions like, "what is your favorite participatory sport?"). The interview went great. I thought, "this has to be the end of the process." But no, I was wrong. I had to do a 3-part design project and now I'm waiting for the results. So, essentially, this has been really long and drawn out. Who knew finding a job would be so extensive?

So am I a Texan yet? I choose to believe I'm just a Mississippian living in Texas...

An update on Lan (the card-carrying Texan)... He went back to work on Monday. It's been a very busy week for him. There were some complications on a tool they had been designing. Luckily, it's not exactly the tool Lan works directly with (he's in charge of the same tool in a different size). Lan's boss and some of his coworkers left to go test the tool earlier this week, so the latter part of the week has been less busy for him.

More from us later! On the agenda for this weekend: furniture "window shopping" (we need bedside tables).

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  1. Oh the Aptitude test. Thanks for the recipe idea. I miss you dear and I'm so thankful I have your ruler beside me everyday!