Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So, I'm proud to announce that I am will officially be employed beginning next Monday. I'm very happy to accept a job at The Reynolds and Reynolds Company. Basically, they provide marketing solutions for car dealerships. I'll be a graphic designer, which, as you know, is a passion of mine. I love design and hope that I get to do lots of it in my position. I'll be designing and customizing direct mail. Yeah, the stuff you throw away without reading, but I'm still excited. More on my new job after I start!

What's new for Lan? He is back from Tulsa, but not quite back in the office. He's at training this week (but I get the feeling that he knows most of the things they're teaching). The good thing about training is that once training is done, he gets to come home! And lately, he's been finishing REALLY early. Yesterday he came home at 11:30! It's nice to have him around the house after being away from him for a whole week.

Coming up for us... we just mailed off a check to pay off half my student loans (yay for being halfway out of debt!), are about to get our own car insurance and cell phone plans (who knew being a grown up was so expensive?), and this weekend, we're going to Schlitterbahn (a ginormous water park) in Galveston! Being newlyweds is fun.

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  1. Reynolds & Reynolds!!! Jennifer, I'm so excited for you. I would like to think I had a hand in this job...thank you Interviewing! Miss you!